Human things landingpage showcasing a telescope, a stone tool and an early computer (design by Nahuel Gerth)

Human Things 2021

The Shipping Container landingpage layout with typography and clean grid layout (design by Nahuel Gerth)

Shipping Container 2020—2021

Patricia Kühfuss project page layout with portraits of a scout walking in the green forest (design by Nahuel Gerth)

Patricia Kühfuss 2020

Schatzhüterin banner for Landesmuseum Hannover with a medieval glass window mosaic (design by Nahuel Gerth)

Landesmuseum Hannover 2017—2018

Icarus XB1 bookazine orange cover redesign with expressive use of typography and illustration  (design by Nahuel Gerth)

Icarus XB1 2020/21

OpenLecture learning platform landingpage layout with an overview of students course videos (design by Nahuel Gerth)

Uni Halle – OpenLecture 2017—2018

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