Augmented reality web application showing new environmental friendly concepts for urban space on Stadtmarkt in Halle, Germany.

Stadtklima Halle

Saale floods in 2013, hurricane-force winds in 2015, record heat in 2022. Halle is getting hotter and drier. It faces serious environmental challenges. How can we improve climate and living conditions in cities by repurposing urban space?

Stadtklima Halle envisions innovative use cases for the Hallmarkt in Halle (Saale). These concepts were translated into 3D models by prefrontal cortex and Stadtmuseum Halle. The models can be accessed in Augmented Reality on mobile devices.

Designing and coding this interactive web app was both a challenge and a pleasure. The main focus was to provide a clear structure and navigation while allowing a maximum of playful interaction with the detailed 3D models.

  • Webdesign
  • Programming
  • User Experience

With prefrontal cortex for Stadtmuseum Halle