Creative coding application for Materna with Meire and Meire. A visual ascii generator translates the code into text images.

Beautiful Code

Materna Information & Communications SE is a worldwide leading IT provider and in constant search of new talent and employees. To make this process more fun and interesting we came up with the idea of a coding challenge.

The challenge consists of four levels, each of them with a few lines of codes and some hidden errors. The challenge is visualised by a live ASCII generator. The visuals are reactive to the user input and change during the application process. It was a fun opportunity to embed creative coding in a applied web environment.

It allowed us to create an engaging and interactive platform for coding enthusiasts while showcasing Materna's commitment to innovation and talent acquisition.

  • Creative Coding
  • Webdesign
  • Programming

With Tim Rodenbröker and Julian Hespenheide for Meiré und Meiré and Materna.

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