Patricia Kühfuss landingpage layout featuring two overlapping portraits captured in Johannesburg South Africa (design by Nahuel Gerth)

Patricia Kühfuss — Visual Storytelling

How can we find the right balance between commercial work and artistic practice? This question was the main challenge for the website relaunch of the multifaceted photographer and visual storyteller Patricia Kühfuss.

Together we developed a clear and focused web concept capturing the essence of her work. Her narrative imagery is embedded in a reduced and minimal graphic framework all based on typography and grid.

The website was developed in WordPress and was programmed with various layout templates to allow for a maximum of control over content creation. 2020

  • Webdesign
  • Programming
  • Corporate Identity
Patricia Kühfuss project page layout with portraits of a scout walking in the green forest (design by Nahuel Gerth)